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Cargo Cosmetics – A Mini Review

18 Jun

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about beauty products or services, I guess my blog was on a hiatus of sorts. But this week I was rummaging through a box of cosmetics and came across some awesome products and had this urge to write about them.

I find with most cosmetic lines products can be hit and miss, but with Cargo, I’ve been a fan of  every thing I’ve tried. The product that really blew my mind was the TexasLiner. As some of you might know I’m ncargo-womenshealth-beautyawardot the most dextrous individual and so I’ve always been afraid of liquid liners, but the TexasLiner goes on like a magic marker and even kids can use those. The liner goes on smooth and gives a super defined line without any of the shaky marks that a traditional liquid liner can give you.

Then there is the Essential Lip Gloss. I’m a bit of a lip colour junky and this gloss is pretty near perfect. Goes on nice and evenly and the shine is unreal. It’s super wet look, so if you want colour and shine this is a go to product.


And finally the Cargo HD Pressed Powder. Love, LOVE, LOVE! this product. I am not ahdpowder30 foundation girl. Liquid foundation makes me feel like my skin can’t breathe. A totally normal feeling, I’m sure. This powder gives me the coverage of a liquid without the (imagined) pore clogging, panic attack inducing, have to wash my face to feel free, feeling of a liquid.




And now is where you catch on to the fact that I’ve only tried three of their products, but I’m three for three in satisfaction so it’s safe to say I’ll be trying more.

Short and sweet as I get back into the swing of it.

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