A Lipo Laser Review – What to Really Expect.

13 May

To give you a little background, I actually have quite a bit of experience with Lipo Laser, I have worked in two separate clinics that use them and have taken the Lipo Laser certification, not once, but twice. I’ve also had quite a bit done on myself, always one of the perks of working in a place that offers this service. One for you, one for me.
When I was first introduced to the machine it had two paddles and treatments took about forty minutes as they worked section by section in ten minute intervals. The machine now has twice as many paddles, meaning treatments take half the time, but don’t expect that to mean that it will now be half the price.
There is zero pain and zero downtime, the most you will feel is a bit of warmth, and probably really, really relaxed, it’s actually a great way to just zone out after a hard day. Usually you will be measured before and after each treatment, or at least before your first and after your last treatment. Your measurements will be recorded and if you follow all the recommended steps, you can actually expect to lose inches.
So what does it do? According to their website “The YOLO Curve [a Canadian Lipo Laser] is a 100% Non-invasive, laser-based, inch loss and body contouring system. Rather than a painful incision, The YOLO Curve uses laser energy to safely (and painlessly) penetrate the skin and target specific adipose (or fat) cells. It is through this targeted process that The YOLO Curve is able to in fact stimulate the cell itself into releasing water, free fatty acids, and glycerol. Having released these primary constituents, water, free fatty acids, and glycerol (often referred to as Triglycerides), the fat cells reduce their overall size significantly, resulting in inch loss for patients!”
Remember a few paragraphs ago when I said “if you follow all the steps?” This is key. If ever you are at a Lipo Laser place that tells you the only thing you need is the machine and you will “melt away inches” then it’s probably BS. Most of the people I have worked with at these clinics are super honest and want you to get the best results possible and so will go through what you need to do on your end. Often the technicians have experience in nutrition or fitness and can be a great source of information.

So as for those steps, firstly, it’s not recommended that you come in after eating a big meal, and you really should wait for about two hours after your treatment before eating again. Also, in the clinic they will usually have a vibrating platform and an infrared sauna. The vibrating platform is great for circulations and the sauna will help detox you. Don’t skip these steps. You also really need to get some cardio in after your treatment; once the fat is released it needs to be burned off or it will simply just redeposit.
So what can you expect? Well, you can expect to tighten up, it’s great for areas you are struggling with. Take me for example, no matter what size I am I always have love handles, and after about three treatments I notice them tightening up. It’s also great for helping to achieve that “thigh gap.” I saw great success with people that are eating healthy, getting exercise but just need something to keep them motivated and get the results to come along faster.
Who’s it not for? Well they will ask health questions that would preclude a tiny percentage from using it, but essentially if you’re going to eat poorly and not exercise at all then don’t expect this to work.
Also, the cost can be high and most people need AT LEAST six to nine treatments, so look out for deals, it’s the best way to go. Bottom line, if I could get a good deal on it, it’s actually something I would pay to have done.

Disclaimer: I may have worked for places that offer this service in the past, but do not at this time, this is purely my personal thoughts on this treatment.

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