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A Blow-Dryer that most certainly blows, but in a good way

14 Aug

All right, I know you’ve heard me say this but when it comes to hair care I swear by professional products (sold only in salons), my current blow-dryer is a a Chi Pro Low EMF Ceramic ANION Infrared Professional Hair that retails for about $200.

One of the tools that Conair was generous enough to let us take home at the London Drugs beauty event was the Infiniti Pro AC Motor Hair Dryer. I was very excited to try this dryer out as it is designed to be light and dry your hair faster, reducing the exposure to heat and thus damage. My hair is very porous from years of bleaching, and it’s also quite thick, meaning it takes forever to dry.


Photo courtesy of Fabulously Innovative Marketing

The Conair Infiniti Pro Ac Motor Dryer definitely dries my hair quickly, in fact, surprisingly quickly and I have actually noticed that my hair is less damaged since I have started using it. It handles well, and has various settings including 3 heat settings and 2 speeds. It also comes with both a concentrator and a diffuser, it also pack a whopping 1875 watts. My only complaint is that, although they say it’s quiet, this is not the dryer you want to use while your roommate is sleeping, but other than that I love it and have started using it as my day to day dryer.

The Conair Infiniti Pro AC Motor Dryer is available at London Drugs.

This blog post was also featured on Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver.


Review of Nexxus hair products at the London Drugs “Come Fly With Me” beauty event

13 Aug

For those of you that know my background, I have always strictly used professional hair care products. It’s fine, go ahead and call me a snob.  When I started in the industry, about 14 years ago, Nexxus was a professional product, but now it can be found in non-professional hair care places such as London Drugs. I was a little hesitant to try the product “Nexxus Humectress” a conditioner for intense hydration. I had used it previously when it was “professional” but did not know what to expect now that it is more readily available.


Photo Courtesy of Fabulously Innovative Marketing

Courtesy of London Drugs and Nexxus I was able to take this product, along with its matching shampoo “Nexxus Therappe” with me on a 15 day road trip across Canada, and I was truly glad that I did. I have bleached and very damaged hair. These products were my saviour. Regardless of the type of water I was using the lather from the “Nexxus Therappe” was rich and moisturising and my hair was left soft and shiny.

Although I had my doubts, I am pleasantly surprised and would actually recommend it to people with dry hair. You can find a whole range of Nexxus products at London Drugs.

This post can also be found on Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver

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