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Gel Polish – A Manicure I Really Like

19 Jan

I may have mentioned that I am not generally a fan of getting manicures?  I mean I love all things spa and I certainly love pedicures, but manicures tend to be a recipe for disaster. Firstly I’m a fainter, and I have been nicked several times resulting in me passing out onto the floor and waking up to screaming and panicked women. Not too mention that if the equipment isn’t sterile it’s kinda asking for a communicable disease. Yes I realize this is also true for a pedicure, but I tend not to get cut when that’s being done. That being said, I am never afraid to ask to see how things are sterilized regardless of the service I’m getting. The other reason I don’t love manicures is that they never last and it feels like a gross waste of money.

When my friend Carly @carlz8 suggested we buy a deal off of MyDealBag Vancouver for a manicure using gel nail polish I was very curious. To clarify gel nail polish is different from gel nails. There is no plastic bits added to your nails; the gel is only applied to the natural nail.

Gel Polish Application

The manicure started off the same as any other really, nail shaping and cuticle trimming but where is differed was in the polish application. The polish is applied layer by layer with a paintbrush and in between coats your hands are placed in a UV lamp to set the polish. Several layers are applied including a base and topcoat and after the final application they are wiped down with rubbing alcohol. So this is where I was really impressed, the nails are actually 100% set after the final curing. Too me this is a huge bonus since I tend to be that girl that nicks her nails getting her wallet out of her purse.

UV Setting of Polish

I had previously heard that this polish can last up to two weeks without chipping and I found this really hard to believe, but it’s TRUE. My polish never chipped. About a week and a half later my nails had grown and my nails needed to be done again. Around this time I actually noticed that the polish was starting to peel off. And because I’m apparently a child I decided to pick it off instead of using acetone to remove it. Huge mistake. My nails were thin and soft, similar to after having acrylics done, not to mention that they were no longer smooth.

Finished Nails

I now consider this a spa treatment that I really enjoy and one that is worth the investment. But I have learned from subsequent applications that the skill of the technician and quality of the product used makes a huge difference. I have had applications that started to peel almost right always because the technician had painted onto my skin.

So stick to good clean places with skilled technicians and I suggest you go somewhere where they us OPIgel polish.

OPI Gel Polish

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