I’m Flaky, So I Got Microdermabrasion

4 Apr

My skin type? FLAKY!!!! I’m a huge fan of any treatment that involves exfoliating. That being said, I’m hugely nervous when it comes to anything involving my face.  Not to mention that microdermabrasion was something I knew very little about. So for me, getting microdermabrasion was a love-freakout relationship. I figured best way to learn about it/try it out was through a Daily Deal.

As mentioned in my previous post, Spas and the Daily Deal, I bought a deal from DealFind for Heavenly Soul that included a Diamond Microdermabrasion.  I had arrived right on time for my appointment (I’m usually early, but Kerrisdale is FAR!) I was seated and given some laminated paper work that I actually used a crayon to fill out…Loved this!  My assumption is that this was done in an effort to save paper and that my information would then be entered into the computer.  There was, however, no health history form at all, which I found odd/scary considering I was getting both a massage and microdermabrasion. To be quite honest, at this point I was a little nervous.  But for those of you who read my blog, really, when am I not nervous?

The woman I was seeing, May, is fantastic. The other services have been just great, but I’m not comfortable with things on my face because I have seen first hand what can go wrong when people are not properly trained.  So I was asking a million questions and May was trying her best to reassure me that all would be fine.  She explained that microdermabrasion was only removing the DEAD skin, that there was NO risk of burning, and, most importantly, that it would NOT hurt.

May cleansed and dried my face, then it was time to get started.  And you know what? I didn’t faint! *pause for applause*  The machine felt a bit like a combination of a pencil eraser vibrating really fast and one of those suction tubes they use at the dentist. Not going to lie, it’s pretty strange, but I kind of liked it.

May went section-by-section, covering all areas of my face.  She paid extra attention to areas such as the creases of my nose, where there were blackheads, and my forehead, where there were flakes.  She went over the “crows feet” near my eyes, but was very careful to avoid the delicate skin directly under the eye.  When she was done, she actually showed me the dead skin that had been scrapped and sucked off…kind of gross.

The next step was to re-hydrate.  I opted to pay a little extra to have a mask done first, but usually a cream or combination of serum and creams are applied.  Also, a sunscreen should be applied as you may be more sensitive to sun exposure after treatment.

Post-treatment I felt great and my skin did not look irritated. It had a healthy glow and radiance.  I found that makeup went on better and I was far less flaky than usual, or at least my skin was.  All in all I was pretty impressed. It was explained to me that to see a reduction in sunspots, pore size or wrinkles I would require about 5 more treatments.

This is something I would do again, but probably only at a deal price. I really liked the results, but not enough to pay full price. And, really, with all the deals out there, who wants to pay full price anymore?


One Response to “I’m Flaky, So I Got Microdermabrasion”

  1. Lyndsey April 4, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    Nice! I almost bought the same deal, and shared similar apprehensions about getting it done. Alas, I slept on my decision making too long and missed the deal. I will certainly look out for the next deal and scoop it up. I’m happy you enjoyed your experience, and now I’m stoked for mine!! Thanks for sharing;)

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