My First Botox

22 Mar

Botox.  You can’t avoid hearing about it; it seems to be everywhere.  And you’re curious, because honestly, who wouldn’t be.  So what’s it really like?

Well my first Botox experience was priceless, and that’s because I can be a bit of a spaz, especially when I think something is going to hurt.

So, as per requirements, I fill out a health history form and Botox consent sheet.  The Doctor (actually a Dentist) looks them over and begins the consultation.  We talk about my areas of concern (forehead) and I’m asked to make a lot of funny faces so that she can see the wrinkles.  Once we’ve decided on the areas to treat she goes over price to make sure I understand.  I my case we would be doing thirty-five units, and Botox is billed per unit (usually between $8 and $12 per unit).  So I’m pretty excited about it, but when she asks me to lie down I start to get a little nervous, well actually, I start to get a lot nervous.  She wipes my forehead down with some alcohol and then freezes it with a little ice.

At this point I am white as a sheet and sweating profusely and we haven’t even stuck a needle in yet.  Next thing you know I’m pretty much unconscious and a friend is trying to feed me juice that really just runs down my chin…HOW EMBARASSING!!! Especially, since we haven’t even started.  I have a tendency to psych myself out.

So I come to and feel a bit better and am ready to do this.  She asks me to wrinkle my forehead and begins the injections.  You know what? It actually doesn’t hurt.  And now I’m even more embarrassed.

Five little needles are used across my forehead and three more in between my eyebrows and in literally five minutes I’m done.  The whole process, consultation and all, took less time than getting a manicure.  The only thing at this point that I noticed is a few little dots on my forehead where the injections were made.  These disappear quickly.  It was that simple for me…save the fainting and the drooling of course.

So what happens next?

Before you leave the Doctor will go over some post care…AKA face exercises.  For the next few hours you are asked to wrinkle the face as much as possible to spread the Botox, welcome to looking ridiculous!  Other than that there is really no post care, just avoid massaging the area but nothing special you need to do.

About five days later the effects really start to become apparent.  For me, I felt like I could lift my eyebrows but when I did there were no wrinkles.  I was ecstatic; I loved and still love the results.  And now I do semi-regular touch ups every 3-4 months.  Only difference is no fainting.

Even though for me Botox is easy and quick we still need to remember that it is a prescription and with all prescriptions there are risks and possible complications.  Make sure you read the Botox consent form and make sure you only see someone you trust because things can go wrong.  For information on Botox you can always check out Health Canada’s article on injectable cosmetics.


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