Spas and the Daily Deal

16 Mar

“Daily deal” sites have become a great way to experience spa services at extremely discounted prices. In fact, this is my addiction in life; I can’t get enough of these spa packages.


Not familiar with “daily deal” sites? A deal goes for a short period of time, usually 24hrs.  During that period you can purchase the deal but when the time expires, the deal goes away.  On average you have between 6-12 months to use your purchase.  Then let me give you an example: A deal I have yet to use is one I bought from DealFind for $49. This package includes a body scrub, mud wrap, 30 minute massage and diamond microdermabrasion at a spa called Heavenly Soul—a package worth $296. Sound too good to be true? It’s actually not. Generally these packages are exactly what they say they are, but I have noticed that some spas take shortcuts I’d like to point out.


My first spa deal let-down happened when I bought a spa package for a wrap, massage and facial. I called the spa to see if I could add a scrub to the package and was told that they always welcome add-ons. What I didn’t know is that these appointments are booked in two-hour slots, and that you only get what can be done in that time frame, add-on or not. This meant my hour-long massage got cut down to 20 minutes. Needless to say, I was not impressed. So, if you are adding something to your package, it’s a good idea to ask and make sure that you will still get the full time for everything advertised.


My next disappointment came from purchasing facials. Many spas have taken to advertising discounted facials, but they are not full facials. More like express facials. These express facials have no extractions, and consist of a cleanse, mask and quick massage. Now I have no problem purchasing an express facial if that is what is being advertised, but when I see “facial” I would expect there to be an extraction. The answer… when purchasing a facial, make sure to read the fine print. When in doubt, call the spa and ask exactly what is included.


Another thing I have come across is shortened services, especially in dealing with medi-spas. This happened to me when I purchased cellulite treatments. The deal was advertised as “$69 for 3 Sixty Minute Ultrasound Cellulite Reduction Treatments, 3 Twenty Minute Lymphatic Body Massages and 3 Fifteen Minute Body Exfoliations ($447 Value.)”  In reality, each visit was a combined 60 minutes of treatment, if that. I got only 22 minutes of Ultrasound Cellulite Reduction treatment each time, 11 minutes each leg, as per the timer on the machine. During my visits I was informed that if I wished to purchase more treatments, not at the deal price, then they would be full length, but the “deal” treatments are shortened. So, watch out… sometimes the spa, or medi-spa, is not giving you what they advertise. I now like to call and confirm the length of the actual appointment to ensure I am getting EXACTLY what they are advertising.


If you do your research, make a call or two before you buy, then you can avoid these mini disappointments and get right to the enjoyment of hugely discounted spa services.




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