Daring To Try A New Salon

3 Mar

So you’ve decided to try a new salon! Maybe it was based on a recommendation or maybe you bought a daily deal from one of those websites. No matter what the reason, you are now contemplating putting yourself in a new stylist’s hands. But how do you know if they’re someone you can trust.

Firstly, do your research! We live in the age of the internet, so get on it and search. But remember, no one stylist can make every client happy and everyone gets a bad review now and again. Not to mention the fact that an unhappy client is way more likely to write a review than a happy client. Still if all the reviews are telling you to stay away…you should probably do that.

Research shouldn’t just include reading reviews, you need to learn about the stylist and often the salon website is the best place to do this. Make sure the stylist is staying current with their education. Education is ONGOING and classes should be taken on a regular basis. Feel free to ask them about this, it should be their pleasure to show off how educated they are.

Many talent driven stylists will even have portfolios so that you can take a look at their work; just ask, they may have a hard copy or point you in the direction of their Facebook or Twitter account…a proud stylist will be displaying their work for the world to see.

By educating yourself you can help limit the chance of a total hair disaster; remember that this responsibility lies in your hands. Yes, hair eventually grown back, but if you’ve ever had a bad cut you know that a bit of time educating yourself is well worth it.


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