Cargo Cosmetics – A Mini Review

18 Jun

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about beauty products or services, I guess my blog was on a hiatus of sorts. But this week I was rummaging through a box of cosmetics and came across some awesome products and had this urge to write about them.

I find with most cosmetic lines products can be hit and miss, but with Cargo, I’ve been a fan of  every thing I’ve tried. The product that really blew my mind was the TexasLiner. As some of you might know I’m ncargo-womenshealth-beautyawardot the most dextrous individual and so I’ve always been afraid of liquid liners, but the TexasLiner goes on like a magic marker and even kids can use those. The liner goes on smooth and gives a super defined line without any of the shaky marks that a traditional liquid liner can give you.

Then there is the Essential Lip Gloss. I’m a bit of a lip colour junky and this gloss is pretty near perfect. Goes on nice and evenly and the shine is unreal. It’s super wet look, so if you want colour and shine this is a go to product.


And finally the Cargo HD Pressed Powder. Love, LOVE, LOVE! this product. I am not ahdpowder30 foundation girl. Liquid foundation makes me feel like my skin can’t breathe. A totally normal feeling, I’m sure. This powder gives me the coverage of a liquid without the (imagined) pore clogging, panic attack inducing, have to wash my face to feel free, feeling of a liquid.




And now is where you catch on to the fact that I’ve only tried three of their products, but I’m three for three in satisfaction so it’s safe to say I’ll be trying more.

Short and sweet as I get back into the swing of it.


My Favourite Ottawa Hair Salon Has a New Look

5 Aug

Last week, my mom texted me to say that she thought that something strange was going on at The Hair Loft, our favourite salon in Ottawa. (You can read about it here.) I was curious and I did a little snooping around and found out that they were moving.  Then I started to see pictures on social media, little teases of what’s to come and the curiosity built. So here’s the scoop,


Press Release:

Popular Centretown Salon Gets A Face-Lift

Ottawa, Ontario. July 31st– The Loft Urban Salon has opened its doors at the new 429 MacLaren location. The new Salon is an amalgamation of all the stylists and estheticians from the Elgin St. Loft and Le Spa. The Loft, now the largest Salon in Ottawa, is a gorgeous Heritage home in the heart of Centretown with a fully renovated, modern interior complete with three floors of hair and spa services.

The union of The Loft Elgin and Le Spa into a brand new state of the art salon has already benefitted the loyal clientele of both salons. The new location, while still in the downtown core is more accessible and makes parking less of a hassle. The new Loft Salon will be populated by all the familiar faces clients have grown to love and rely on for all their beauty needs.

10525648_10154481932510164_8113009001180502486_n“We are very excited to have merged the two locations; it will bring the expertise of both salons together and having all of The Loft family under one roof gives the Salon such a great energy. I am proud to say that this is the biggest urban salon in the Nation’s Capital” says owner and creative director Bruno Racine.

The beautifully designed salon is spacious and grand while still maintaining the cozy feeling clients are accustomed to. The salon spans 6000 square feet and houses the only integrated academy salon in Ottawa. The first two floors of The Loft are primarily focused on hair, with a sleek manicure bar and make up station in the colour room of the second floor, while the third floor functions as quiet spa for nails, facials and massage. The basement of the salon is reserved for The Loft Academy, where student stylists learn the tricks of the trade and take clients at a discounted rate.

For more information, or to book an appointment, you can find us online at, on Facebook or by phone at (613) 232-0202.

Fekkai is Fabulous. A review of their Brilliant Glossing Line

22 Jun

Hair products are a lot trickier than one might think. It seems simple enough, you buy a shampoo and maybe a conditioner and then lather, rinse, repeat, condition. Most, however, know that it’s far from simple. Finding a hair products that works for you can be a nightmare and cost a future with all the products you buy and then hate. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find something I love but London Drugs sent me a sample of Fekkai’s Brilliant Glossing shampoo, conditioner and cream and I must say, I was super impressed.

A little background for those who have never read my blog. My hair is blonde. Is it natural? NOT EVEN CLOSE! My hair gets bleached out every 6 weeks or so, and to top it off, I flat iron it almost every day, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s rather damaged. I need a product that controls frizz, moisturizes and adds shine back to my poor tortured hair. The Fekkai Brilliant Glossing line does just that. After using the three products my hair is soft. My hair is smooth. My hair is easier to style. I am a happy camper.

The product smells strongly, but it’s a nice smell and isn’t overwhelming after the fact. The Glossing Cream is awesome either before or after you flat iron, it smoothes away fizzies, adds sticky free texture and tons of shine. They warn that a little goes a long way, which is code for “can get greasy” but I find my hair is never greasy, just soft and smooth.

The thing I love most about the product is that it gives great memory to my hair, meaning that I don’t have to wash it every day, it’s easy to style without wetting, day two. So basically, I’m super happy with this product. And if you read about some of the other hair products I’ve tried, that is certainly not always the case. Fekkai products can be purchased at London Drugs and other retailers, you can also find it online here.

If you have dry, damaged or dull hair, I would put this on the list of “to try.” That being said, if you have oily, flat, limp or very fine hair this would certainly not be the product for you. Fekkai has a whole pile of interesting products and now I’m super curious, so I’ll certainly be checking out more of them and their website offers mini kits, which I love because you can try things out without it costing a fortune.

Goodbye Cleavage Wrinkles! – A Review of Marcelle’s New Age Precision 8 in 1 Power Serum

9 Jun

Let’s talk boobs! OK, not quite “boobs” per say, but cleavage, which is pretty much just as good as boobs. So I’ve hit that point in my life where I have *takes a deep breath* cleavage wrinkles. It’s true, too much sun, not enough sun block, dry skin and I’m sure a whole host of other things have led to some fine and some not so fine lines in my décolletage. I’ll admit, it’s to the point where I actually feel self-conscious about it.
About 2 weeks ago London Drugs was kind enough to send me a product, something I knew nothing about, it’s called New Age Precision 8 in 1 Power Serum and is made by Marcelle. The product claims to be 8 in 1, as is suggested by the rather wordy name. The product claims:

1. Instant Botox-Like Action
2. Wrinkle Filling Effect
3. Firms Skin and Improves Elasticity
4. Visible Reduces Even Deep Wrinkles
5. Boosts Radiance
6. Reinforces Skin Structure
7. Lifting Effect
8. Improves Skin Texture


The product is hypoallergenic and fragrance free. The recommended application is twice daily on freshly cleansed skin. New Age Precision 8 in 1 claims that “Instantly skin appears lifted, creases and wrinkles look smoothed. Skin feels ultra-soft. 30 minutes: wrinkles are visibly reduced. 7 days: firmness and elasticity are improved as the skin’s structure is reinforced, skin appears smoother and more radiant.”

When I read the box I thought there was no way any of this could be true. I’ve tried more than a few products and have never been more than moderately impressed with what they do to wrinkles. That being said, this is hands down one of the best products I have ever used. Now I realize it’s for my face, and yes, I have been using it there, but naturally with the whole boob situation, that’s where I was really hoping it would make a difference, and it absolutely has. The skin looks far less crepey (that says crepey, not creepy, I sure hope my skin doesn’t look creepy) and even the deeper lines have diminished. I’m pretty much jaw to the floor about the results. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like every line is gone, but the skin looks much tighter and lot younger. I’ve also noticed similar effects on my face; my jaw line is tighter and my eyes look lifted.

So as it goes for wrinkle products, this is definitely worth it and I will certainly be buying it when I run out. Marcelle New Age Precision 8 in 1 Serum is available at London Drugs, other fine retailers and online from Marcelle. The suggested retail price is $33.95 CAD but as I wrote this I checked out the London Drugs’ Website and it’s on sale but not sure for how long.

Glowing Skin with Jouviance – A Review

23 May

Last year, at a London Drugs event, I was given a sample of Jouviance’s “3 in 1Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream” to try. With a move across country many things got misplaced, that product included. Well, luckily I found it about a month ago and have been using it ever since.
A little bit about Jouviance:

According to their website, their products are actually manufactured in Canada and are developed by a Canadian dermatologist. Their products contain no parabens, sulfates, dyes, DMAE, TEA, artificial fragrances, mineral oils and are not tested on animals. Their products are also hypoallergenic and won’t clog pores.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


My skin is glowing, I kid you not, I actually had a friend recently comment on it, saying that my skin looks “amazing.” It certainly adds that youthfulness back to your skin. As for reducing wrinkles, I certainly see a small improvement, it’s not like getting Botox, but it does soften the fine lines. That being said, as mentioned, I’ve only been using it for a month. But I can’t stress the “glow” enough, it’s pretty awesome. The other thing I like about the product is that it goes a long way, I only need a small amount to do my entire face and it also has next to no smell, which is great for people like me who are super sensitive to certain smells. For my super dry skin, the “Combination to oily” version is not enough moisturizer for me, I top it up with a light moisturizer that contains SPF, but they do have a version for normal to dry skin, as well as a whole host of other products, for a whole range of skin concerns.
So if you’re starting to notice some fine lines, the earlier you get to them the better and this is certainly a product I would recommend. You can find more info about them on their website and their products are available at London Drugs, online and at other select retailers.

A Lipo Laser Review – What to Really Expect.

13 May

To give you a little background, I actually have quite a bit of experience with Lipo Laser, I have worked in two separate clinics that use them and have taken the Lipo Laser certification, not once, but twice. I’ve also had quite a bit done on myself, always one of the perks of working in a place that offers this service. One for you, one for me.
When I was first introduced to the machine it had two paddles and treatments took about forty minutes as they worked section by section in ten minute intervals. The machine now has twice as many paddles, meaning treatments take half the time, but don’t expect that to mean that it will now be half the price.
There is zero pain and zero downtime, the most you will feel is a bit of warmth, and probably really, really relaxed, it’s actually a great way to just zone out after a hard day. Usually you will be measured before and after each treatment, or at least before your first and after your last treatment. Your measurements will be recorded and if you follow all the recommended steps, you can actually expect to lose inches.
So what does it do? According to their website “The YOLO Curve [a Canadian Lipo Laser] is a 100% Non-invasive, laser-based, inch loss and body contouring system. Rather than a painful incision, The YOLO Curve uses laser energy to safely (and painlessly) penetrate the skin and target specific adipose (or fat) cells. It is through this targeted process that The YOLO Curve is able to in fact stimulate the cell itself into releasing water, free fatty acids, and glycerol. Having released these primary constituents, water, free fatty acids, and glycerol (often referred to as Triglycerides), the fat cells reduce their overall size significantly, resulting in inch loss for patients!”
Remember a few paragraphs ago when I said “if you follow all the steps?” This is key. If ever you are at a Lipo Laser place that tells you the only thing you need is the machine and you will “melt away inches” then it’s probably BS. Most of the people I have worked with at these clinics are super honest and want you to get the best results possible and so will go through what you need to do on your end. Often the technicians have experience in nutrition or fitness and can be a great source of information.

So as for those steps, firstly, it’s not recommended that you come in after eating a big meal, and you really should wait for about two hours after your treatment before eating again. Also, in the clinic they will usually have a vibrating platform and an infrared sauna. The vibrating platform is great for circulations and the sauna will help detox you. Don’t skip these steps. You also really need to get some cardio in after your treatment; once the fat is released it needs to be burned off or it will simply just redeposit.
So what can you expect? Well, you can expect to tighten up, it’s great for areas you are struggling with. Take me for example, no matter what size I am I always have love handles, and after about three treatments I notice them tightening up. It’s also great for helping to achieve that “thigh gap.” I saw great success with people that are eating healthy, getting exercise but just need something to keep them motivated and get the results to come along faster.
Who’s it not for? Well they will ask health questions that would preclude a tiny percentage from using it, but essentially if you’re going to eat poorly and not exercise at all then don’t expect this to work.
Also, the cost can be high and most people need AT LEAST six to nine treatments, so look out for deals, it’s the best way to go. Bottom line, if I could get a good deal on it, it’s actually something I would pay to have done.

Disclaimer: I may have worked for places that offer this service in the past, but do not at this time, this is purely my personal thoughts on this treatment.

Top gift ideas from London Drugs for Mother’s Day – May 11

6 May

MAY 6, 2014, RICHMOND, B.C. – She has been there since day one and supported you every step of the way. She is the glue that holds the family together and the shoulder you use to always lean your head upon. Although there are times when her efforts and hard work are never applauded, she never gives a single complaint. She would do anything for you to ensure your happiness. This year, show mom how much you care and appreciate her with one of these top gift ideas from London Drugs.



image003Bring instant fun and excitement to the special occasion with the Fuji Instax Mini 8. What is mom’s favourite colour? Chose from black, blue, pink, white and yellow this mother’s day. With auto flash and auto focus, take bold and vibrant photos in even the lowest of lighting. Relive Mother’s Day instantly with the quick printable photos. This year, capture the Mother’s Day moments with Fuji Instax. London Drugs is also offering a Mother’s Day special on batteries. Fire up the Fuji Instax with your choice of Fuji Instax Mini Film Twin Pack or the Fuji Instax Mini Rainbow Film. Visit the London Drugs website for more colour options.



image006Mom may not be cooking this Mother’s Day but the Kribbitt Tablet Support Stand will be an efficient stand for her tablet in the future. The Kribbitt is a support device that fits all tablet sizes, enables multiple viewing angles, which may reduce mom’s eye and muscle strain. Mom can keep her tablet secured as the device grips the tablet and remains balanced on uneven surfaces. The Kribbitt Tablet Support allows mom to easily demonstrate video, or take pictures with one or both hands free to capture those priceless Mother’s Day moments. Accessorize with the choice of black, green, pink, blue or silver. Visit the “Kribbitt” section on the London Drugs website for more colour options.


If mom loves music then consider buying her an iTunes gift card from London Drugs. Help mom to jazz up her phone or tablet with the purchase of iTunes songs, podcasts, movies and more.Whether it is a movie for the drive to your Mother’s Day destination or a playlist of songs to set the Mother’s Day mood, mom and the whole family can enjoy this special Mother’s Day gift.More gift card options are available in store. Still not sure which card may be right? You can purchase a gift card from London Drugs in store or on the London Drugs gift card section on the website.


image007Celebrate mom with a gift that sparkles. Make mom feel special with a jewelry set from London Drugs. Visit the London Drugs jewelry section in store or online to see the wide variety of styles to choose from. While choosing jewelry for mom, also consider a place to store these gifts. Help mom keep organized with her jewelry this Mother’s Day by gifting her with a place to store her earrings, rings and necklaces. London Drugs is offering Mother’s Day specials on two jewelry cabinets this year. The Mirror with Jewelry Cabinet for $109.99 and the Mirror with Slide Out Jewelry cabinet for $119.99 are two great gifts for mom.



image008You may have seen this product on TV before and it really is just as quick and easy to use. Help mom get ready in a snap with the 30-second heat up feature in the Infiniti Pro Curl Secret. This curler also has a tourmaline ceramic-coated barrel and two PTC heaters. The two slide switches with temperature that ranges from high to low will help mom chose from a wide variety of hairstyles. This salon quality curling iron also has many safety features to make mom’s life easier. The sleep mode function and safety tangle feature will allow mom to never have to worry about her curling iron again.


image009Whether it’s a night on the town with the ladies or a Mother’s Day brunch with the family, help mom’s hair look her best with this quality tool. Gift mom with the help to get her hair salon quality with the CHI Air Ceramic Hair Dryer. The air ceramic hair dryer makes hair dry faster and healthier by sealing the hair cuticle for shiny smooth hair. Mom’s mornings can be made much easier with the quick interchangeable settings displayed on the hair dryer.



image010This Mother’s Day spend some special one-on-one time with mom and paint your nails together. Get mom pretty and prepared for her Mother’s Day date this year with the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit. The salon quality manicure set contains everything you need for a professional salon gel manicure in the comfort of your own home. The Red Carpet Manicure set provides a manicure that will provide weeks of long wear and shine. It also provides time convenience for those days when mom is on the go. For mom’s looking for a simpler nail polish option check out the multitude of brands in the nail section on the London Drugs website.



image011This Mother’s Day treat mom to a spa day at home. The Emjoi Micro-Pedi gives an instant pedicure that is salon quality. This battery-operated foot buffer is perfect for pedicures and is a safe alternative to harsh, metal scrapers. Micro-Pedi’s spinning rollers quickly and easily buff away rough, callused skin revealing mom’s smooth and touchable feet. The Emjoi Micro-Pedi has a handle designed for easy grip and is portable and convenient. This easy to clean pedicure set will give mom the ability to have a spa day in the comfort of her own home any day of the year.


After you’ve chosen your gift, show mom how much you care this Mother’s Day with a personalized message. You can choose from a variety of greeting cards that fit mom’s personality best. London Drugs offers humorous cards, cards that sing, or even cards that may make you shed a tear. Whatever the mood be, let mom know how you feel and how appreciated she is this Mother’s Day with a card to show her your love. Pick up your card from the greeting card aisle.


Mother’s Day is only a few sleeps away, so visit your local London Drugs store for hundreds of great gift ideas for Mom, or visit to shop online.


About London Drugs

Founded in 1945, B.C.-based London Drugs has 79 stores in more than 35 major markets throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba including its online store London Drugs offers consumers a range of products from digital cameras and cosmetics to computers and televisions. Renowned for its creative approach to retailing, the company employs more than 7,500 people with pharmacy and health care services being the heart of its business. Committed to innovation and superior customer service, London Drugs has established itself as a reputable and caring company and continues to position itself for future growth and development.


Disclaimer: This post was written by the PR department at London Drugs.

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